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A small business asked "Is There a Such Thing as Free Online Advertising?"

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Honestly, there is no such thing as "free advertisement," in today's landscape. What you can achieve, for free, is EARNED Attention. However, achieving earned attention requires planning, great content, and consistency. And, if done right, earned attention can lead to interest and ultimately consideration for your service or product.

To begin gaining Earned Attention, it is important to understand the type of content that will appeal to your audience, know where they spend their time in the digital space, and customize that content to make sense (be relevant) in the context of that space.

One of the most important digital spaces in which to have digital presence, is Search (depending on service or product). The great thing about search is that you're reaching people who are actively looking for information about the type of service or products your offering. However, don't think your site's SEO is enough to succeed in this space. Like everything else about digital, search engines are continually evolving as well. Google is constantly optimizing its algorithm to favor searcher's queries, NOT your sites! So, content matters! In addition, consumers are more frequently conducting conversational types of searches, e.g. "What's the best way to plan for a vacation?" This type of query will not necessarily return a website, unless there is content on that website specifically addressing this question.

Got It?! Then, get started earning attention. Want to learn more? Contact us. We're here to help!

We are BrandHrt SMC, a strategic marketing content agency. We help businesses clarify your value and communicate it across the modern media landscape. Learn more About Us.


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