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How to Start The New Year? Drop the Rules & Be Free.

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Thoughts from the BrandHrt Founder.

As I move into the next phase of my life, I plan to start letting go of RULES.

Rules are often binds that wrap around you, limiting movement forward. They are often bricks that are stacked up over time, forming a wall that shields your view ahead.

Some weaponize rules as projectiles to be thrown at dreamers/idealist/non-conformist, driving away new ideas and understandings.

But, most unfortunate, are those who blindly follow “the rules” just to quiet the critics or seek approval.

Moving forward, I choose to drop the self-imposed rules and live my life framed by guidelines.

Guidelines are shaped and can be reshaped, by you, to reflect your beliefs & values.

Guidelines can stretch to accommodate new interpretations of what we hold true, which opens the door for mental growth.

Guidelines can expand to create room for new thinking and understanding, allowing one to visualize new horizons.

When progressive, guidelines can forge new roads that lead to greater human connection, kindness, tolerance, and achievement.

We have too many self-imposed rules. Do an audit. Keep the rules that breath life, move you forward, and help you be human – like the “Golden Rule.” Drop the rest and be free!

My thoughts for 2019.


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