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Brandhrt was founded to help companies take control of their marketing communications, starting with the design of effective, consumer-centric strategy. We looked at the market and found this to be an important need! Brands that want to grow need a solid digital presence, guided by a strategy that elevates the human factor.  


We know that the vast majority of consumers go online at some point during their purchase journey and they expect brands to have a relevant omnichannel presence that seamlessly integrates both online and offline experiences. We found that a substantial proportion of businesses are not confident in their omnichannel marketing. Because of this, many businesses turn to irrelevant tactics that they believe their customers want, rather than implementing a strategy that is informed by a critical examination of their customer's needs. 


We help companies resolve this tension with strategic planning that fits within the context of their business reality. Then we help them bring that strategy to life with informed targeting, meaningful content and experiences, and the right placements. Finally, we believe in constantly measuring performance to drive continuous improvement.  This is our passion! 

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