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Fashion Retailers - Don’t Just Post Pictures. Tell Your Style Story.

There’s a lot of noise on the internet, are you wondering how to stand out? Don’t JUST Post Pictures of Clothes, Tell Your Style Story.

In today’s market, apparel retailers are challenged with not only promoting their fits/styles/clothing items (…select the vernacular that best fit you), but also breaking through the blaring noise that exists online.

Often, this means going beyond simply posting an item on e-commerce. Retailers have the opportunity to present the brands sold in their store through a prism that is unique to their style.

BrandHrt photographer capturing image of model for retail client.
BrandHrt photographer capturing content at recent photoshoot.

As a retailer, you have a style – or at least a perspective of how the style should be reflected. That uniqueness in perspective is what will help you stand out and be recognized by YOUR ideal buyer.

How do you make this happen? We've compiled these tips for you based on the approach we use here at Brandhrt SMC.

  1. Start with a vision and define the strategy: Know your audience and what they value. With this knowledge in hand, draft a story embodying the attributes you know resonate. Establish a theme and give it a name that communicates a purpose and inspires creative visualization. Design the scenes, atmosphere, and shots in a way that aligns with the story you intend to tell.

  2. Plan the execution: Before shoot day, share mood board(s) with the photographers and producer, to convey the tone, scenes, and stances you want to capture. Generate detailed shot lists to ensure you get every type of shot you need to tell your story. Scout our locations to ensure they will complement your storytelling. Schedule plenty of time ahead of the shoot to ensure model fits and looks meet expectations.

  3. Activate with confidence: It’s shoot day! You’ve planned and have prepared yourself and your crew. Now, have fun! Follow your shot list, but don’t be so rigid that you miss surprising creative opportunities. Be sure to feed and compensate your models and crew (especially on long days), so that they have the energy to give you their best. Most importantly, follow your plan, and you're likely to experience a happy ending like our client below.

Happy creating, from BrandHrt SMC!

About BrandHrt:

We are a strategic communications agency focused on helping fashion retailers achieve more in modern media. Learn more.

Interested in working with us? Let’s connect! Give us a call at 734.489.2283 or email us, and let’s schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


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