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Strategic Communications | Annual Business Pitch Competition 


Our client is an organization that sponsors an annual competition that provides aspiring and existing entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their ideas to win cash and in-kind services for their businesses. After its second session, the Pitch Competition faced criticism for a perceived lack of inclusiveness and openness. Now in its third session, this perception put continued community support, funding, and applications at risk.



Starting with strategy, BrandHrt SMC homed in on key issues that contributed the Pitch Competition’s current perception: low transparency, a feeling of inequity in the process, and limited awareness contributing to a sense of exclusiveness. While honoring existing branding, an entirely new site experience was built to create a more inclusive and inviting feel and provide context around Pitch Ypsi’s start, purpose, and process. In addition, video and image content was distributed within a robust paid social campaign designed to reach beyond existing social media followers.  Offline, out of home posters were strategically placed in key locations further generating awareness and interest. 


The competition exceeded the application goal and achieved record-breaking attendance, despite a shortened runway.

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