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About Strat&Chat.

This is your opportunity to get a taste of working with BrandHrt SMC + Content Studio during an individualized 4-hour session.  These sessions are only offered a limited time each month, and fill up quickly!  Schedule yours today.

​Here's The 4-hour session includes:

  • Hour One - Strat talk about branding and/or marketing communications topic(s) that are most critical to your business, based on answers to key questions.

  • Hour Two - Content Creation that includes photography (15 Edited Images), videography (up to 1-min production)

  • Hour Three - Content Packaging that may include graphic enhancement (where relevant), copy development (where relevant), and sizing for one platform

What you will receive at the end of the session:

  • StratChat Summary and up to 10 Take Action Recommendations

  • One thumb drive that includes

    • 15 Edited Images

    • MP4  up to 1-min length

    • 5 content pieces enhanced and packaged for one platform

Starting Investment:  $750

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About Build the Playbook | Content + Media

We’ve all been down this road in business, you either plan to succeed or fail to plan.   Planning matters, but how do you plan in today’s fast past environment where technology moves at the speed of innovation?  We designed an approach that is agile, modular and forward-leaning.

What's Involved:

  • Stakeholder Interview & Brand Audit

  • 3-Prong Evaluation (Market | Buyers |Competitors)

  • Positioning & Resonating Strategy

  • Journey mapping & Narrative building

What's Delivered:

  • Content & Comms Playbook

    • Content framework

    • Targeting framework

    • Recommended budget & timing

    • Recommended medium & media placement

  • Playbook Content Creation (Upgrade)​

  • Playbook Paid Media Activation (Upgrade)

Starting Investment:  $3,500

About Social Content Creation & Placement

Who has time to create content? Many of us face this question in business, but the fact of the matter is content can lead to increased revenue.  The right content aligned to the right media plan captures attention, creates memorable impressions that strengthen interest and ultimately leads to consideration.  

But again, who has time to create it?  We do, on your behalf.

What's Involved:

  • Campaign planning sessions with our content creation coordinator

  • Content creation (photography, graphics, copy) per derived plan  

  • Content editing & packaging per creation plan

What's Delivered:

  • DIY Placement Recommendations

    • Itemized content pieces

    • Placement schedule 

    • Targeting framework & budget suggestion for promotion

  • DFY Implementation (Upgrade)

Starting Investment:  $ 750/month

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About Maintain My Digital Rack

What if customers walked into your physical store to find nothing displayed on the rack? 


We all know the answer, they would walk out and may not return.  Just like your physical storefront, consumers expect to see products displayed on digital racks.   Every time online shoppers seek out a product you have in inventory but don’t display online you leave money on the table.


However, getting your inventory photographed, photoshopped, and professionally positioned on your webpages can feel overwhelming.



We’ve designed a proven system to catch you up and keep you caught up!

What's Involved:

  • A customized proven system for capturing and delivering e-commerce imagery to fit your individual business needs

  • Prep & manage items for studio shoot (all items shot in RAW for highest quality)

  • Edit, remove background and place in a uniform format per site specs

  • Load, tag and maintain items on your website (Upgrade)

What's Delivered:

  • Edited JPEG images, sized per specifications 

  • e-Commerce ready photos  processed and delivered at a frequency that works for your business (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

  • Product on Body (upgrade)

  • Product in Lifestyle (Upgrade)

Starting Investment:  $18/Item

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About  Collaborative Vision Workshop .


Your team is one of your greatest assets for communicating a strong and authentic brand story.  What they feel and say about the brand matters!  These sessions help you & and your team get really clear about your brand identity, brand journey, and the actions you will need to take, the stories you will need to tell, and the barriers you will need to overcome to reach your Collaborative Vision.

​Here's The 4-hour session includes:

  • 2-day session, 3hrs per day

  • Day 1:

  • Day 2:


What you will receive at the end of the session:

  • Summarization of findings, insights, and recommendations

  • Action Step Roadmap

  • Professionally illustrated collaborative vision to be displayed

  • Up 5 hours of follow-up consultation

Starting Investment:  $3,000

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don't see what you need?

We'll help you customize an approach designed specifically for your communication needs.

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