Integrated Marketing Campaign  

Write-In Candidate case study



The Anne Brown Campaign approached BrandHrt SMC with a communication challenge. They needed to accelerate the candidate’s awareness. However, she faced the complex dynamic of starting her campaign months behind the party endorsed opponent. Further, she ran as the only write-in candidate against three other candidates whose names would be on the ballot.   



Starting with strategy, BrandHrt triangulated market, constituency, and opponent insights to derive a strategic communications approach that would be cohesive, clear, and meaningful to our client's target audience. Informed by insights, our BrandHrt team produced a compelling brand identity framework (logo, color scheme, tagline, etc.), and an array of communications assets (photography, video, graphics, prints, copy, an original jingle)  which were packaged and distributed across communication channels (OOH, paid & earned social, paid display, email, and podcasts). 



Our client captured approximately 27% of the vote as a write-in candidate, second only to the party-endorsed candidate and well ahead of the two independent candidates. By the end of the campaign, our client had earned significant political capital which we will leverage to help fuel her next endeavor.